08 May

CO-VER and MEMC Electronic Materials: a new agreement

On 29 April 2019 an important agreement was reached between CO-VER Power Technology and MEMC Electronic Materials.

After several months of intense joint work, the parties signed the contract concerning the revamping and repowering of the Novara trigeneration plant.

The CO-VER Power Technology plant, operating at full capacity from March 2007 at the MEMC plant in Viale Gherzi, will be the subject of approximately 8 million euros of investments that will be planned, implemented, managed and financed by CO-VER within the next 18 months.

The first phase (Revamping) involves the replacement of existing motor generators with three new high-efficiency machines with a total installed power of around 9 MW and will be completed by September 2019.

The second one (Repowering) will start between January and March 2020 and provides for the construction of a new segment of the plant that will enter service by the end of the summer of 2020.

The contract has a duration of ten years starting from the commissioning of repowering activities.

The local CO-VER Power Technology unit of Novara permanently employs 6 people who are in charge of running the 24h / 24h system as well as the maintenance of the plants and the motogenerators.

This is an event of extraordinary importance for the future of CO-VER, which thanks to this contract ensures long-term visibility and a role of primary importance among the main national operators in the energy efficiency sector.