Design and management of construction (EPCM)

Producer of electricity from renewable sources (biomass)
Energia da fonti rinnovabili (biomassa)
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Crotone (KR)
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What we have done

Design and management of construction (EPCM) for the revamping of a 27 Mwe rated output biomass plant.

    The core business of Biomass Crotone S.p.A. is the production of electricity from renewable energy sources. The main raw material is biomass made from wood chips.
    Revamping of the existing plant in Crotone to produce electric energy using biomass.
    The team worked alongside the Client during all stages of planning, ensuring the EPCM services and the design of BOP (Balance Of Plant) systems.

    Services provided included:

    - Project Management
    - Engineering
    - Site Management
    - Commissioning
    The Client’s Management was supported in activities mainly related to time and cost control, supplier management and expediting activities.

    Engineering was based on an analysis of the actual state of existing systems and assessment of their possible re-use. It was completed with the drafting of final engineering, mechanical, electro-instrumental and automation (including programming of the control system DCS) designs for the BOP of the new plant.

    The CO-VER team acted as coordinators for the various activities (including civil engineering activities) and numerous suppliers involved in the project.
    In the construction phase the Client was supported by our on-site staff who carried out the overall coordination of activities both during construction and commissioning, as well at start-up and testing of BOP performed by our technical staff.