EPCM and
Owner Engineering

CO-VER Power Technology has many years’ experience in the realization of turn key contracts, supporting the customer either as owner engineer or as engineering manager (EPCM) in making complex systems also without the aid of a main contractor.

The Client can keep the whole process of implementation of its assets under control, from design to equipment selection, from procurement to assembly, from commissioning to final testing.

CO-VER Power Technology staff also provide assistance with assembly supervision, factory and on-site tests, testing and commissioning of equipment and commissioning of the Control Roome (DCS).








Frequently asked questions about the service.

  • What is Owner Engineering?

    The Owner Engineer is the figure, or the team that supports the client during all phases of the contract to ensure the successful completion of the project.

  • What is EPCM?

    ”Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management”.

    In this form of contract the Client negotiates directly with sub-suppliers of products/services; the team providing EPCM services guarantees the engineering and technical know-how the Client requires.  They ensure that the project is carried out on time and according to specifications, supporting the customer in the supplier selection process, procurement and expediting orders, cost control and project management.

  • What is EPC?

    “Engineering, Procurement and Construction”.

    In this form of contract the General Contractor has full responsibility to design, build and deliver the facility to the Purchaser.  This form of contract coincides with the "turnkey contract”.

  • What are the advantages of EPCM compared to EPC?

    - Cost riduction

    Cutting the General Contractor cost gives an average savings of 10% to 20% on a project managed with the EPCM formula rather than EPC formula.

    - Timesaving

    The signing of contracts for the purchase of main equipment with lengthy delivery times can take place before the detailed design of the entire plant has been completed.  With the EPC formula most of the elements need to be defined before signing the contract.

    - Better control

    The Client can keep better control of the entire construction process of its facility.