at third parties

CO-VER Power Technology finances and  implements assets for an increasing energy efficiency at the Clients production site.

Contracts range from medium to long term agreements for energy distribution, operating leases, energy performance contracts (EPC).
Services offered include both the realization and management of high yield (CAR) cogeneration/trigeneration installations and facilities for production and distribution of utilities such as chilled water, compressed air, cooling water, hot water/superheated, steam, diathermic oil. 







Frequently asked questions about the service.

  • What are the applications of a cogeneration or trigeneration plant?

    • Electricity production for users who are not directly connected to the production plant (local and remote users via RTN).
    • Heat energy generation for technological use and production processes at different temperature levels (local users).
    • Heat energy generation for district-heating (local and remote users)
  • What are the technical and economic advantages of cogeneration and trigeneration?

    • Energy saving, reduction of primary energy demand in order to produce the same amount of energy (savings of 25% on fuel utilized to produce the same electrical and thermal energy).
    • More environmentally friendly production process (reduction of CO2 emissions).
    • Increased security of supply.
    • Reduction in losses along the power line (plants located in the vicinity of consumption points).
    • Benefits for remote areas or outermost regions.
    • Greater competition with the "big" manufacturers.
    • Encouraging creation of new businesses and skilled employment.
  • What does it mean being an ESCo in the cogeneration field?

    The ESCo formula is based on multi-annual contracts which provide for:

    - The realization of energy efficiency measures (construction of a High Efficiency cogeneration power plant) financed by the proposing organization (ESCo) at the site of an industrial client.

    - Management of production and sale of energy carriers by ESCo (electricity and thermal energy in the form of hot water, steam, chilled water, etc.) for the exclusive use of the client.

    - Guarantee by ESCo that Client will achieve savings in both electrical and thermal energy requirements as well as procurement costs.

    - Acquisition of entitlement to the assignment of Energy Efficiency Certificates (TEE) by the Italian Authority for Electricity and Gas (AEEG), proportional to the savings of primary energy "certified” resulting from the commissioning of the New Power Plant.

    - Opportunity to sell TEE certificates to obliged entities (large electricity distributors with customers exceeding 50,000 units) at values established by the growing market.