Partnership between CO-VER and Encore

23 Nov

Partnership between CO-VER and Encore

On November 22, 2018, the entry of CO-VER Power Technology with an increase in the share capital in the Encore company has been formalized.

 With this input, Encore will be able to offer industrial customers the most complex efficiency measures, even in ESCo mode financed through "Energy Performance Contract", if the customer does not intend or can’t directly invest in energy efficiency.

 The cooperation has already started with the opening by CO-VER of an operational headquarters in the Vicenza area for the north-east of Italy, having identified Encore as the strategic and operational partner in this area.

 "We are enthusiastic about this collaboration that is born today from a great mutual respect and from a full strategic sharing. CO-VER is a unique reality on the national scene, it is the only ESCo that is based on deep internal engineering knowledge combined with constructive skills and direct management of plants, with knowledge acquired in the field through the construction and operation of cogeneration plants and property assets. We are sure that a partner of this importance will complete the potential of Encore by opening the business to increasingly important targets, to the full advantage of the territory, "said Tommaso Vagliano, president of Encore.

 The cooperation with Encore has deep roots, given by a professional knowledge over the years with the members. The North-East is a territory rich in industries and Encore is located in a strategic position to assist them. The core business of CO-VER involves the design, construction and financing of industrial plants and the sharing with the final customer of the economic benefits deriving from energy saving. The synergy of the CO-VER group and the strong and lasting bond of partnership with its customers are the basis for building solutions aimed at reducing primary energy consumption and reducing greenhouse gases. Encore's specific expertise in the field of photovoltaics and renewable energy can also contribute to the diversification of the investment assets of CO-VER.